Where Is Your Dream Escort?


As I am on my legal aged I have this dream in my mind about an escort. I keep on looking unto her that even on my dream I wish I could see her face to face but I was left broken for not in my dreams she come out and she never appears on me then but the hope still remains. I decide to just hold on the hope that time will come I will come to see my dream escort.

It was late afternoon that I come to my office for the last appointment of one our client in the company. So I decided to have the meeting in the board room for there were more than 10 people who will join in the meeting.  When I arrived in the office I feel a bit of nervous and I found so different with myself. So I go the comfort room and fixed everything but the nervous is still there but I can manage it is just a way of acting that nothing bothers me.

I saw a woman on the front door of the board room and I told her to sit down and so we could start. As she is sitting down next to me I just couldn’t help myself in looking unto her. It was the time that I saw her whole face and it feels like I’m in a cloud nine that things were so blue and brand new. Is this really true when I close my eyes and look back to the dream escort girl that I would like to see with is here next to me. I could say it was her for she is the woman that I keep on seeing for almost every day though the face is not so clear for me to identify but her ways and her back is truly the same.

My secretary then noticed my changed of mode and she asked for a minute to talk and when I went out I told her after the meeting I would like to meet this woman the woman that I saw in the meeting. So when the meeting is all done she was left behind on the board room and I come to talk to her personally. I then introduce to her and tell her that I am interested on her. I asked her number and address and she would be willing to know me better.

As I know her better I then found out that she is a Bloomsbury escort girl from https://charlotteaction.org/bloomsbury-escorts and that made me realized and say that she really is the dream escort that I keep on dreaming of. The next day after she revealed that she is an escort I proposed to her a marriage and she says and that’s the time I told her that she is the dream escorts that I had when I am still young. She then hugged and kissed me. There is no impossible if you will really believe on destiny for there could be a happy ending in every fairytale not just in movie but in real life.







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