The importance of hiding sex for kids


Why are we so hung up about it anyway? Most kids ask where they come from at quite an early age and what do we tell them? Surprisingly most Notting Hill escorts that i spoke to had come up with various silly excuses in front of their kids. I told all of them that they were not doing themselves any favors and one day things could get awkward for them. I made no bones about it – I told all of the girls from Notting Hill escort services to always tell their kids the truth. The truth does not hurt if it is communicated in such a way that everybody understands it.
I think the jury might be out on this topic but I know what I think. Personally I don’t think for one moment that we should hide sex from our kids. At the end of the day, they probably know that mom and dad are having sex and accept it. I said to friend who work for a Notting Hill escorts agency of the other day that our kids are probably less embarrassed about than we are. As a matter of fact, the majority of some girls I know who are Notting Hill escorts agreed with me – we should be much more natural about sex. One day our kids will grow up to have sex.

Many parents are still reluctant to tell their kids the truth but how many parents have been walked in on? If you don’t want that to happen, you had better lock the door. Some moms who work as Notting Hill escorts said there kids have walked in on them and they had found it very embarrassing. Well, I think that all Notting Hill escorts should start to talk about things like personal time between mommy and daddy, and introduce the subject bit by bit. Most kids will understand that mom and dad sometimes have other things going on which does not involve them. Always better to be honest.

Explaining to kids about love making, will make sex education classes in school go with a breeze. They will already have some insight and they may even talk to their friends about it. Now, you have made the entire sex experience into something much more positive and user friendly. It is not out there in the mist with the man in the cupboard or the man on the moon. Your kids know the truth and understand that things will change as they get older. One day they might be moms and dads and be needing some personal time.


I am sure most Notting Hill escorts do not tell their kids that they came from the supermarket or something as silly as that, but some Notting Hill escorts to my surprise still talk about the stork. No storks in my household but it is said the stork is a fertility symbol. Well, that is great because now you have something else to talk about. Of course, this could go on forever and it is best to have some open and earnest discussion at some point with your children. Be brave about your own life.

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