My Fetish does nothing for my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about two years now. He is a great guy but he says that he cannot deal with my obsession with sex toys. It is not really a fetish, but I do like to play with sex toys every time that we have sex. For some reason, he cannot relate to sex toys at all and hates when I mention it. My colleagues at Notting Hill escorts cannot see what the big deal is, and most of them like sex toys.


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Ever since I started to date with Notting Hill escorts, I seem to have come across the wrong type of boyfriends. The guys I met before joining the escort agency seemed to have been a lot more liberated than my current boyfriends. I would have thought that a hot girl from one of London’s top escort agencies would be able to come across at least a couple of guys who have got the same interests as she does. I am not sure. But I feel really uncomfortable when it comes to dating at the moment.

Yes, it would be nice to have a really kinky boyfriend but I know from my gents at Notting Hill escorts that things can go wrong when you try to have it all. Many of my regular dates seem to have been in relationships which has failed for some reason or another. I know that it is very easy to put pressure on a partner, and expect them to have fulfil all of your desires. The fact is that you may not be able to do so for one reason or another. I guess that I am just used to fulfilling dreams and desires. It is just the way I am.

This is probably the reason why I become so disappointed when my boyfriend does not want to fulfil mine. I think that he should at least make an effort. Like I say to him, I have not got a kick out of all of my dates at Notting Hill escorts. But a small part of every date has at least been fun and I have been able to enjoy myself. Life is not that easy even for escorts at times.

I don’t think our problem is so bad that we should be split up. We have a lot more things in common than we don’t have in common. He is a great support for me, and does not mind that I work for Notting Hill escorts. Believe me, I have had some boyfriends who have had a real hang up about that as well. It is not easy to manage your life sometimes. One thing my boyfriend does not know about is that I like to have fun with girls. I like to describe myself as a touch bisexual and I honestly do not think that my boyfriend could handle that at all. That would be the final straw for our relationship and just mean the end.

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