London Escorts: The Pain


Sexy escorts in London tells a story about Tom who raised up from a family wherein tears and laughter is never realized and expressed. Anger is what her mother expressed when his father almost given up. As the time that he grows up he then used to master of hiding out his tears and laughter to avoid rejection from his parents. His mother controls him. Silence is what he does in protecting out from his mother’s controlling behavior. He grows up to be a serious, controlling and controlled child.

As Tom grow up, he earns his degree, eventually became a lawyer, he then became a husband and a father of 3 wonderful children. But out of surprise Tom never used his experience to use it as a ground to make the same thing with his children. In fact he decide to be someone better than he has been while he is young. He don’t want his children feel and experience what he has with his parents.

Tom trying to reach out to his children wherein he could not be a parent same as his parent. But while doing it so he is in deep pain. He even talk to some specialist why he is still pain. The fact that it was long years ago with his past life still he feels the pain. He don’t want that his children noticed the pain that he is bringing within himself. He is afraid if they will not understand why he is in that kind of situation.

So Tom decided to talk to his therapist privately but of course with the knowledge and permission of his wife. While doing the therapy Tom says that he finds himself at work daydreaming. Because during the regular days that he has with his family he always feels the pain. His daydream consist of what if, about his father and mother. Tom had the tendency of learning how to daydream as a way of avoiding the pain even for that moment.

Tom situation at the moment is very hard to carry on. Because he is trying to fight the pain that he is bringing from the start of his existence. As he impose rules as a father and a husband to his own family he is fighting for that pain. He don’t want to be noticed by his family that he has that since then but as he is going older each and every day he feels so wrong with himself that sometimes he could not understand why he feels physical pain occasionally like headache, stomach ache and vomiting. Upon checking into his condition with all the laboratory results conducted to him everything is normal about him. Later then we found out as he says on our private conversation that he is struggling emotional pain since then. Now I clearly see the reasons of his dilemma when it comes to fighting it.

Tom never gives himself a chance to forgive and love himself from all the pain that he experienced when he still young. His condition takes a long term process in which his family needs to know in order to help him. London escorts gives time and effort to listen and help tom on his condition.

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